Too Many Repairs?

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Do you need to sell your house but just have too many repairs?  That can make it real tough to sell on the MLS in today’s hot market.  If you do list it with a traditional brokerage, you will likely have to pay for those repairs out of pocket yourself. 

If your home has suffered damage and you feel it is too expensive to fix, allow us to take it off your hands. 


We buy distressed properties all over Central Florida and can invest the capital into the repairs your property needs.


Fill out the form and you’ll receive a call from us to assess your property and find a solution to your situation!


Our process is simple, we will assess the damages and negotiate a repair credit.  We will pay top-dollar for your property less any damages.


In just a short time you could sell your house and move on to more promising opportunities!

See what the NY Times says about selling a house that has too many repairs

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